Katowice, ul. Henryka Jordana

Opis nieruchomości

The offer is presented by the Nomia real estate office in Katowice, which guarantees the security of renting. Apartment for rent from December 1, 2 km from the International Congress Center at ul. Jordana 12A. Ideal location for COP24. 30 minutes on foot, or 15 minutes by tram or bus. The flat consists of one room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. The room has a double bed and a desk. Modern desing. Apartment is fully equipped (bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, etc.). Price: PLN 1000 per night - negotiable. Reservation: 40% of the price for the stay. The price includes all fees and taxes. For 1 or 2 people - couples. I heartily recommend and invite you.


Dane nieruchomości

Cena: 1000 PLN
Powierzchnia: 35 m2
Rynek: Wtórny
Rok budowy: 0
Liczba pięter: 4
Liczba pokoi: 1


Anna Widera

Telefon: 790 719 719

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